Cosmetic Dermatology


neocutis-stacey2011-platinumIn addition to being a full service medical and surgical dermatology office, we also provide the cutting edge in non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation. Our goal is to maintain and enhance your appearance using subtlety and sophistication. With current technologies and our artistic techniques, your physical enhancement is performed safely with minimal downtime and natural appearing results.

Our goal is to not only make your skin look good, but to help you feel better about your overall appearance.









Fine Lines & Wrinkle Reduction – Vermont


What causes wrinkles?

Wrinkles and age-related changes in the skin are a result of by both “intrinsic” and “extrinsic” causes:

Intrinsic or chronologic aging of the skin is a normal part of the aging process and is largely controlled by genetics.

Extrinsic aging is caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure (photodamage), smoking and other pollutants, an unbalanced diet, lack of exercise, stress and illness.

Schedule a free consultation with our knowledgeable staff to discuss how one of these treatments can benefit you. Dr. Schwartz has over 30 years of experience to give you the best possible results. His injection techniques will also help to prevent or minimize bruising. Generally there is minimal downtime associated with these treatments. Experience really does make a difference!

Wrinkle Reduction Creams


Our skin care systems give dramatic,scientifically proven results. Unlike over-the-counter retail products, these products are clinically proven to reduce age spots,fine lines and wrinklesincreased pigmentationerythema (redness) andfuture skin damage, while transforming the quality of your skin on a daily basis.

Retinoids such as tretinoin cream are the most effective topical treatment to reverse the signs of photodamage.

Antioxidants such as RevaleSkin will rejuvenate and protect the skin that has been damaged by daily exposure to free radicals.

Neocutis, which contains PSP® (Processed Skin cell Proteins), has been proven to improve signs of aging and reduce wrinkles.

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures


From Microdermabrasion and eMatrix Fractionated Skin Tightening to Botoxand facial filler injections, dramatic results can be achieved with minimal discomfort and “down time”.

Facial contouring procedures and wrinkle treatmentssuch as Botox, Dysport or Xeomin; Radiesse and Sculptra; andRestylane or Juvederm will correct problems due to volume loss while erasing facial lines and enhancing lips.

Medical spa services such as microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, eMatrix fractionated skin tightening, and LED photorejuvenation can restore and rejuvenate your skin.