What is semi-permanent makeup?

Semi-permanent make-up is a treatment to enhance your eyes, eyebrows and lips to add definition to your face. All pigments used are hygienically prepared and packaged, and created from natural minerals specifically selected for their non-toxic and hypoallergenic properties.

First, a local anesthetic cream numbs the area. Then pigment is deposited through a fine vibrating needle into the most superficial layers of the skin. The color only penetrates 0.2mm deep and unlike a tattoo, it fades with time.

Why have semi-permanent makeup?

Everyone wants to look the best they can and, most importantly, look natural.

Think how convenient it would be to enjoy perfectly arched eyebrows, wide-awake, pretty eyes, and beautifully contoured lips without the effort of time-consuming morning and nighttime makeup rituals.  All subtle, soft and perfectly in place with no smudging, no mess, and no problem. Eyebrow shaping can make a huge difference to your face. Through using the correct shape and style, a great brow can help frame your face through adding expression, warmth and depth.

With semi-permanent makeup you have the confidence of knowing you will always look your best.

Am I a candidate for semi-permanent makeup?

Anyone who wears make-up is a potential candidate for semi-permanent make-up.

You are a candidate if:

  • You lack color and shape to your lips and want to enhance them with or without having fillers.
  • You regularly pencil in your eyebrows or would like to give them a better shape or fill in gaps where they have been over plucked.
  • You want to enhance your eyes and want the effects of eyeliner without the running and under eye smudging.
  • You want your eyes to look “more open” and raise your eyebrows without the need for a brow lift.
  • You are allergic to traditional cosmetics,
  • You simply want to save time by not having to apply make-up every day.

What are the medical uses for semi-permanent makeup?

  • Areola (nipple) reconstruction following mastectomy.
  • Eyebrow reconstruction for alopecia patients and those who have lost hair through burns, operations or accidents.
  • Thinning of the hair on the scalp.
  • Camouflage of vitiligo.
  • Correction of facial asymmetry.
  • Camouflage of surgical scars.

Does semi-permanent makeup fade completely?

In order to maintain your semi-permanent makeup, a touchup is advised every 12-18 months. Very blonde pigments (used for fair eyebrows) will fade more quicker and may require a retouch every 6 months.

What are the differences between semi-permanent makeup and microblading?

There are three major differences:

  • Semi-permanent makeup is longer lasting than microblading. Depending upon the person, semi-permanent makeup can last up to 3 years.
  • Semi-permanent makeup can be done on numerous areas of the body such as (1) on the eyes for eyeliner, eyelash, and eyebrow enhancement; (2) lip enhancement; (3) hair loss problems (alopecia) on the scalp and face; (4) hypopigmented scars; and (5) nipple and aureole reconstruction for mastectomy patients.

Microblading is solely for eyebrows.

  • Semi-permanent makeup is done using an electrically powered machine while microblading uses a tool like an Exacto knife that does not require electricity.

What is the aftercare treatment?

You may resume normal activities immediately after your treatment. Any swelling or redness in the area will quickly resolve. Immediately after treatment, the areas will appear darker and will lighten over several days. A follow-up visit is typically scheduled four to six weeks later to adjust the shape and color if necessary.

**All Photos on this page are pictures of Kat’s Clients, and the beautiful work she has done with them. Read more about Kat, our in house Semi-Permanent Artist


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